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564-930 AH, 1174-1524 AD

Saladin has emerged as one of the greatest muslim heroes, in wars against crusaders in Jerusalem and Richard the lion hearted.  He is the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty, ruling in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and upper Iraq mainly in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.  Saladin is descent from a Kurdish family.  His father, Ayyub, for whom the Ayyubid dynasty is named, was in service of 'Imad ad-Din Zangi, in Aleppo, as a commander.  Saladin, in 1169 at the age of 31, was appointed both commander of the Syrian troops in Egypt and vizier of the Fatimid caliphate there. In 1171, Saladin abolished the weak and unpopular Shi'ite Fatimid caliphate, proclaimed a return to Sunni Islam in Egypt, and became that country's sole ruler.  At the beginning he was a vassal of Nureddin, but after Nureddin's death in 1174, Saladin has declared Ayyubids' independence.  In a relatively short time, he took Syria and Palestine under his control. So, Ayyubids became one of the most important muslim states of the time, together with Seljuqs of Rum. Upon Saladin's death in 1193, as frequently seen in muslim states, the country has been divided among his sons and relatives. 



Anatolian Coins > Ayyubids

Ayyubids of Egypt

"Mısır Eyyubileri" 564-650 AH, 1169-1254 AD

Al-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf I (Saladin) "I. El-Nasır Salaheddin Yusuf"

564-589 AH, 1169-1193 AD

486.jpg (64866 bytes)

Damascus mint, 585 AH, ME-486

487.jpg (65778 bytes)

??? mint, 583 AH, ME-487

488.jpg (64428 bytes)

Hamah mint, 583 AH, ME-488

aq237.jpg (62954 bytes)

??? mint 581 AH, aq 237

489.jpg (59243 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-489

490.jpg (57637 bytes)

Aleppo mint, 580 AH, ME-490

260.jpg (66074 bytes)

No mint, 586 AH, ME-260

Al-Aziz Imad ad-Din 'Uthman Ibn Salah ad-Din


"El-Aziz İmadeddin Osman"

589-595 AH, 1193-1198 AD

499.jpg (34024 bytes)

??? mint, 592 AH, ME-499

Al-Mansur Nasir ad-Din Mohammed ibn al-Aziz "El-Mansur Nasreddin Muhammed"

595-596 AH, 1198-1199 AD

Al-Adil Saif ad-Din Abu Bakr I (Sephadin) brother of Salah ad-Din

Acquired Mayafarikin 589 AH, 1193 AD, Damascus 592 AH, 1196 AD, Egypt 596 AH, 1200 AD.

"I. El-Adil Seyfeddin Ebu Bekir"

589-615 AH, 1193-1218 AD

254.jpg (68785 bytes)

Damascus mint, ??? date, ME-254

491.jpg (66563 bytes)

Damascus mint, ??? date, ME-491

492.jpg (55500 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-492

493.jpg (55617 bytes)

??? mint ??? date, ME-493

494.jpg (56228 bytes)

Harran mint, 59? AH, ME-494

261.jpg (97297 bytes)

Mayafarikin mint, 591 AH, ME-261

Al-Kamil Nasir ad-Din Mohammed I ibn al-Adil "I. El-Kamil nasreddin Muhammed"

615-635 AH, 1218-1238 AD

255.jpg (44545 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-255

500.jpg (67911 bytes)

Damascus mint, 6?? AH, ME-500

501.jpg (61350 bytes)

Damascus mint, 6?? AH, ME-501

498.jpg (37485 bytes)

Damascus mint, 6?? AH, ME-498

507.jpg (49521 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-507

415.jpg (53393 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-415

Al-Adil Saif ad-Din Abu Bakr II ibn al-Kamil Mohammed "II. El-Adil Seyfeddin Ebu Bekir"

635-637 AH, 1238-1240 AD

Al-Salih Najm ad-Din Ayyub ibn al-Kamil Mohammed "El-Salih Necmeddin Eyyub"

637-647 AH, 1240-1249 AD

Al-Muazzam Turan Shah ibn al-Salih Ayyub "El-Muazzam Turan Şah"

647-648 AH, 1249-1250 AD

Al-Ashraf Muzaffar ad-Din Musa II ibn al-Nasir Yusuf "II. El-Eşref Muzafferüddin Musa"

648-652 AH, 1250-1254 AD


Ayyubids of Damascus

"Dimaşk Eyyubiler" 589-658 AH, 1193-1245 AD

Al-'Afdal Nasir (Nur) ad-Din Ali Ibn Salah ad-Din "El-Afdal Nureddin Ali"

589-592 AH, 1193-1196 AD

Al-Adil Saif ad-Din Abu Bakr I (Sephadin) Acquired Damascus 592 AH, 1196 AD and reigned there till 596 AH, 1200 AD
"El-Adil Seyfeddin Ebu Bekir Şam'ı zapteder"

592-596 AH, 1196-1200 AD

United to Egypt

Al-Adil Saif ad-Din Abu Bakr I (Sephadin) Acquired Egypt 596 AH, 1200 AD and reigned there till 615 AH, 1218 AD

"Mısır'la müşterek"

596-615 AH, 1200-1218 AD

Al-Mu'azzam Sharaf ad-Din 'Isa ibn al-Adil "El-Muazzam Şerefeddin İsa"

615-624 AH, 1218-1227 AD

Al-Nasir Salah ad-Din Dawud "El-Nasır Salaheddin Davud"

624-626 AH, 1227-1229 AD

Al-Ashraf Muzaffar ad-Din Musa (Of Mayafarikin)

"Meyafarikin Eyyubi Meliki El-Eşref Muzafferiddin Musa'nın yönetiminde"

626-635 AH, 1229-1237 AD

Al-Salih Imad ad-Din Ismail ibn al-Adil (First reign) "El-Salih İmadeddin İsmail, 1. saltanatı"

635 AH, 1237 AD

United to Egypt

Al-Kamil Nasir ad-Din Mohammed I 635 AH, 1238 AD

Al-Adil Saif ad-Din Abu Bakr II 635 AH, 1238 AD

Al-Salih Najm ad-Din Ayyub 637-638 AH, 1239-1240 AD
"Mısır'la müşterek"

635-638 AH, 1238-1240 AD

Al-Salih Imad ad-Din Ismail ibn al-Adil (Second reign) "El-Salih İmadeddin İsmail"

638-643 AH, 1240-1245 AD

502.jpg (65884 bytes)

Damascus mint, 641 AH, (Crusader imitation).  ME-502

669.jpg (59825 bytes)

Damascus mint, 641 AH, (Crusader imitation).  ME-669

503.jpg (59378 bytes)

??? mint, 638 AH, ME-503

United to Egypt

Al-Salih Najm ad-Din Ayyub 643-647 AH,1245-1249 AD

Al-Mu'azzam Turan Shah 647 AH, 1249 AD

"Mısır'la müşterek"

643-647 AH,1245-1249 AD

United to Aleppo

Al-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf II

"Halep ile müşterek"

648-658 AH, 1250-1260 AD


Ayyubids of Aleppo

"Haleb Eyyubileri" 582-658 AH, 1186-1259 AD

Al-Zahir Giyath ad-Din Ghazi ibn Salah ad-Din "El-zahir Gıyaseddin Gazi"

582-613 AH, 1186-1216 AD

504.jpg (53991 bytes)

Aleppo mint, 593 AH, ME-504

495.jpg (62500 bytes)

Aleppo mint, 5?? AH, ME-495

496.jpg (54061 bytes)

Aleppo mint, 600 AH, ME-496

505.jpg (60601 bytes)

Aleppo mint, 61? AH, ME-505

256.jpg (46931 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-256

257.jpg (55636 bytes)

Aleppo mint, ??? AH, ME-257

413.jpg (58114 bytes)

??? mint, 606 AH, ME-413

Al-Aziz Giyath ad-Din Mohammed ibn al-Zahir "El-Aziz Gıyaseddin Muhammed"

613-634 AH, 1216-1236 AD

Al-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf II ibn al-Aziz "II. El-Nasır Salaheddin Yusuf"

634-658 AH, 1236-1259 AD

EWsalkay05.jpg (58987 bytes)

??? mint 637 AH, together Kay-Khusraw II, Seljuqs of Rum,  EWsalkay05

EWsalkay06.jpg (55133 bytes)

Haleb mint 636 AH, together Kay-Khusraw II, Seljuqs of Rum, EWsalkay06

aq246.jpg (61731 bytes)

Haleb mint 6?? AH, together Kay-Khusraw II, Seljuqs of Rum, aq246

506.jpg (55354 bytes)

??? mint, 651 AH, ME-506

497.jpg (68891 bytes)

??? mint, 647 AH, ME-497

259.jpg (50302 bytes)

??? mint, 647 AH, ME-259

 258.jpg (30719 bytes)

??? mint ??? date, ME-258

414.jpg (50599 bytes)

??? mint, ??? date, ME-414


Ayyubids of Mayafarikin (Mesopotamia)

"Meyafarikin Eyyubileri" 596-658 AH, 1200-1259 AD

Al-Awhad Nejm ad-Din Ayyub ibn al-Adil "El-Evhad Necmeddin Eyyub"

596-607 AH, 1200-1210 AD

262.jpg (63768 bytes)

Mayafarikin mint, 601 AH, ME-262

Al-Ashraf Muzaffar ad-Din Musa ibn al-Adil "El-Eşref Muzaffereddin Musa"

607-617 AH, 1210-1220 AD

263.jpg (84499 bytes)

Mayafarikin mint, 612 AH, ME-263

Al-Muzaffar Shahab ad-Din Ghazi ibn al-Adil "El-Muzaffer Şahabeddin Gazi"

617-642 AH, 1220-1244 AD

Al-Kamil Nasir ad-Din Mohammed II "II. El-Kamil Nasreddin Muhammed"

642-658 AH, 1244-1259 AD

Anatolian Coins > Ayyubids

 Here, you do not see the listings of Ayyubids of Hisn Kayfa, Hamah, Hims and Yemen, because I do not have examples of them.

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